le guide des professionnels du tourisme
L'outil indispensable aux professionnels du tourisme
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GuideTour is for you if :
You are a Tour Operator
You have fewer and fewer time to dedicate for your researches
You are always in demand of clear, updated and reliable informations about places of interest
You wish to be part of an active network in the touristic industry
How GuideTour works?
GuideTour is adapted to your needs and proposes you a wide range of information answering your works requirements :
A geographic localization
An access to the services of the referenced sites
Information about events
Information about the inescapable places interest in France
Multicriterias researches
A selection and a memorizationof the visited sites
An evolution and a real-time update
Precise and easy to use, GuideTour allows a fast search for the places of interest by regions.
Affiliate to GuideTour
Your advantages :
You have free access to our data base
You receive a newsletter every 2 weeks
You can create and edit your own programs
You can book directly with referenced establishments
You have free access to our " all-inclusive " programs
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